Monday, August 25, 2014

Choose Pharmamuscle – The Best Natural Sports Supplements Range On The Market Today


Pharmamuscle is a premium quality unique sports nutrition range which is designed for everyday men and women who lead busy and active lifestyles. Whether you are a yoga lover, weekend warrior, a gymnast, a daily runner or simply like the occasional walk, the Pharmamuscle Range can help support your daily nutrition and fitness needs. So, if you’re thinking about taking a sports nutrition supplement to get in shape, then look no further than Pharmamuscle.

Benefits of Pharmamuscle

Pharmamuscle products provide numerous benefits including:
-100% natural premium quality ingredients from Sports certified sources
-Developed by nutrition experts using deep research based science to guarantee  perfect results
-Perfect supplement for vegetarians and recommended by UK Vegetarian Society
-Trusted and recommended by leading athletes and gymnasts

-100% pure and concentrated, without fillers, glutens, binders and other chemical recipients

Three Principles Of Pharmamuscle

Pharmamuscle researched over 2 years to produce the highest form of pharmaceutical grade nutrition supplements available so that users can benefit in whatever condition. In order to get to that maximum quality, their product range is based on three effective principles: science, innovation and quality.


All Pharmamuscle supplements are evolved with a strong scientific as well as sports nutritionist based core principle. Only the very best premium quality natural ingredients are used and all the products have been developed by in-house nutritionists and scientists.

All Pharmamuscle products cling to GMP nutrition guidelines on supplement production and no harmful side effects have been reported so far.


Pharmamuscle use the latest technology to produce effective sport supplements. An inherent creative culture uses perfect innovation and up to date science to create pioneering nutrition products that has set Pharmamuscle apart from other competitors.

Actizyme is the most current invention from the Pharmamuscle stable. Its unique mixture of biological active ingredients effectively increases the rate of absorption in the human body to guarantee maximum results fast.


Pharmamuscle has worked hard to ensure customers that the nutrition supplements you experience provide measurable and real results. The superior and premium quality of their ingredients won’t make compromises to health and the final results speak for themselves when the Pharmamuscle products are compared to their leading competitors.

The nutrition supplements are developed to GMP & ISO9001 standards to ensure the maximum quality.

Product Range

Pharmamuscle’s product range carries a unique blend of amino acids and essential protein suitable for energy, pre and post-workout, weight loss and bulking. This special combination of ingredients ensures that you get the best vitamins and minerals for your body’s daily workout requirements.

Leading sports nutritionists have provided special advice on all Pharmamuscle supplementary products to ensure that you get the proper results that you’ve paid for!

One of their best and most popular products is Wheymax Hydrolised Whey Protein Isolate.

What makes Pharmamuscle WHEYMAX Better?

WHEYMAX takes pride in itself. Whilst WHEYMAX  is probably not the lowest priced whey protein supplement, the most advanced technology and premium quality ingredient sources & incomparable gains this awesome product delivers characterize a higher cost.

  • 100% PURE & COMPLETELY NATURAL – With the combination of the absolute super quality ingredients with a series of highly specialized mass processing techniques WHEYMAX is one of the best and popular protein powders available in the supplement market. Everything about WHEYMAX was developed with an unflinching attitude toward performance – both in the shaker cup and the gym.
  • THE BEST MADE EVEN MUCH BETTER – All proteins are made up of chains of amino acids. But not all the amino acids are of equal importance. The three branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) are especially beneficial for athletes because these amino acids assist with new muscle synthesis and give protection to the muscles against breakdown.
  • CHERISHED ON THE PALATE – The way to reveal the results of WHEYMAX is to drink it. So, Pharmamuscle benchmarked the exact taste against the best protein powders available in the market. No matter whether you prefer vanilla flavor or chocolate, WHEYMAX tastes as great as it acts and dissolves very easily in water, juice, or milk.

Benefits Provided by  Pharmamuscle WHEYMAX

  • It is 100% pure and completely natural protein isolate.
  • It doesn’t contain any fat, lactose or carbohydrates.
  • The protein supplement is hydrolyzed so your body can use it effectively.
  • Pharmamuscle WHEYMAX tastes awesome and is very easily mixable.
  • Each serving of WHEYMAX contains 30 grams of essential protein.


Some of the reviews from our users are given below: 

"Hugely Pleased!"  Jeremy

“I was recommended Pharmamuscle by a close friend who is using WHEYMAX. I used similar products but lately went with Pharmamuscle based on the premium quality. Really, I am hugely pleased with the super products Pharmamuscle have provided me.”

"Great Results!"  Patrick

“I’m so happy I spent a little bit extra money on Pharmamuscle. The quality of the Pharmamuscle products I bought (Metaburn And Wheymax) is great. I have had some amazing results and will be buying more from Pharmamuscle again!”

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